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   Workout for the week of: Monday 6/7/21 

Core Principles!

Enjoy this challenging core workout!

Perform each exercise in the list as a circuit.  Take a 1 minute rest after all 10 exercises are completed and then repeat for a total of 3x.

Level 1 - 30 seconds per exercise, Level 2 - 45 seconds per exercise, Level 3 - 60 seconds per exercise.

Forearm plank

Really think about perfect posture (and try to maintain it).

Clam shells- 30 sec each side

Boat/Bow pose

alternating each pose for appx 5 sec (Boat pose- face up keeping legs and arms off the ground with just butt on the ground. Bow- face down with arms and legs and only stomach on ground)

Bicycle kicks

Swim kicks

lay face down, legs and arms extended off the ground, engage core and kick!

Crab walks

3 steps forward and 3 steps backwards, alternating for the entire duration

Plank on hands +

Alternate bringing right knee to right elbow, and left knee to elbow

Russian twist

In Boat pose, alternate twisting your trunk touching down on the ground on either side of you

Side plank to side plank

Side plank for 5 seconds each side and rotate with a smooth transition keeping plank posture the whole time


On all "fours". Extend out left arm and right leg keeping neutral spine. Alternate sides with 5 second hold for each

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