Workout for the week of: Monday 2/22/21 

New Year, Strong You!

Pushup into the new year!

Perform each exercise in the list as a circuit.  Take a 1 minute rest after all 10 exercises are completed and then repeat for a total of 3x.

Level 1 - 30 seconds per exercise, Level 2 - 45 seconds per exercise, Level 3 - 60 seconds per exercise.



Standard style, elbows out, as many as you can for the entire time.  If you can't keep going, hold a plank instead of dropping to your knees.


Sumo Squat Pulses 

Wide stance, never fully bending or straightening the legs.


Triceps Pushups 

Hands in a diamond or triangle shape, elbows flare out to the side.


Mountain Climbers


Yoga Style Pushups 

Hands under shoulders, elbows stay tight to body.


Wall Sit/ Hands up 

Normal wall sit, but hands straight up over head...the whole time!


High Knees


Alternating Side Planks 

Start either side, get you balance and then switch to the opposite side.


Squat Jumps 

Squat down, jump up, land in squat.


Side to Side Hops 

Start on one foot, leap sideways to the opposite foot.  Repeat as fast as you can (but watch your balance!)


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