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Ready Set GO!

This is a fast paced workout, so make sure you transition quickly between exercises.

Perform each exercise in the list as a circuit.  Take a 1 minute rest after all 10 exercises are completed and then repeat for a total of 3x.

Level 1 - 30 seconds per exercise, Level 2 - 45 seconds per exercise, Level 3 - 60 seconds per exercise.


Jumping jacks


Hopping pushups

pushup, hop knees into chest and back out into plank position


Lunge Jumps


Scissor kicks


Squatted jumping jacks

Jumping jacks but staying in squat position


Wall sit +

arms making a "y" against the wall


Mountain climbers


Butt kicks


Side hops

Hop laterally from one leg to the other


Plank with legs hopping wide and narrow

In plank have legs hop in "Jumping jack" form