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Looking to be your best for your next endurance event or season?

Join the Priority Endurance Squad!

Endurance coaching is offered by coach (and founder of Priority Fitness) Ben Kessel and John Hirsch. You'll receive daily workouts customized to your fitness levels, goals, and schedule, to ensure that you are able to train and race to your best ability.


Ben and John focus on performance training and event preparation for triathlon, running, ultra running, cycling, ultra cycling, swimming, and more.

Joining the Priority Endurance Squad includes:

Individualized Daily Workouts

Performance Testing





Community of 



Ben Kessel

Learn more about Ben here!

Here are some of Ben's qualifications and past/current roles:

  • Strength coach since 2004.  CSCS certified

  • Owner of Priority Fitness (est 2008)

  • Strength & Conditioning Coach for Brooklyn Tri Club and Prospect Park Track Club 

  • USATF Coach

  • USAT Level II Coach

  • Performance Nutrition Specialist- SPN

  • Avid Runner, Triathlete (all distances), Cyclist, and fitness nerd

  • Ironman Finisher

  • Team USA 2019-2023 qualifier - ITU World Championship (Triathlon)

  • Ironman 70.3 World Championships Finisher 2019

  • President of Brooklyn Tri Club 2019, 2020

  • Plays the Banjo and the 2-time champion of the Brooklyn Folk Festival Banjo Toss!

Learn more about John here!

Here are some of John's highlights: 


  • Head Coach of Team Continuum non-profit Charity Team

  • Brooklyn Tri Club Running Coach

  • Endurance Coach since 2002

  • Multiple top 10 finishes as a professional triathlete

  • Professionally competing at 70.3 World Championships (2009) and the ITU Long Course World Championships in Victoria

  • Masters World Champion of the Spartan Ultra Beast in 2015, 2016,2017

  • As an age-grouper, he raced the Ironman World Champions in Kona Hawaii

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