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At PRIORITY FITNESS, we have gold standard equipment
dedicated to unlocking your fitness training and racing potential.


Discover your body's unique training needs by learning your true cardiovascular zones, VO2 max, and how fat adapted you are at different heart rates. You will walk away with new custom training zones tailored to your individual needs, ensuring every workout is optimized for maximum efficiency, fueling, and results.

Want to learn how many calories you burn at rest every day? Achieve your fueling goals with precision through our RMR analysis. By understanding your body's unique metabolic rate at rest, you will have the information needed for personalized nutrition and exercise recommendations to help you effectively fueling needs.

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your running journey, our running analysis services are designed to enhance your performance and prevent risk of injuries. With slow motion film capture and biomechanical expertise, we will assess your running technique, identify areas for improvement, and provide targeted strategies to optimize your form and efficiency.

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