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Carolina D


I hate working out - But I love working with the team at Priority. I’ve been a client for over a year, and they’ve helped me change my relationship to fitness and nutrition… benefits like dropping 30 lbs, loving the way I looked on my wedding day, and not being outrun by my dog are all proof of that. Fitness goals don’t exist in a vacuum, they are intertwined with everything else that is happening in your life. Because of that, I have literally cried through entire sessions (sorry, Chris!) and still got a good work out. Luckily, I usually end up laughing through most of them. The
team at Priority creates a personal environment that becomes whatever you need it to be to reach your goals, and I
can’t recommend them highly enough. 

Maggie O


I started with Priority Fitness on the recommendation of a friend. She had successfully lost a bunch of weight for her wedding working out with Chris, Ben and the rest of the crew and was tired of hearing me complain about being fat! It was really easy to set up and appointment and get started -- and right away, I felt welcome at Priority. At the end of my first workout, I was crawling on the floor trying to finish, but I got through it with Chris' help.

Fast forward two years, and I managed to hit my goal of losing 40lbs! It has been a long journey full of ups and downs, but the support and focus from the team at Priority has always been consistent. Chris always has some new wonderful (sometimes horrible) exercise for me to try out in my sessions, and everyone else is totally welcoming and friendly, even if you're just in for a cardio session. It's a place that feels more like hanging out with your friends than going to a massive corporate gym where you're lucky if you can find a clean towel and a treadmill that works. But don't think that means they'll take it easy on you. Priority will challenge you and as long as you're up to the challenge and stick with it, you'll see results

Susan K


I have always been very good at losing weight. It seems like I had done it a thousand times and I was always successful-temporarily. Inevitably I would get bored and slip back into my old habits and the weight would come back. I did this so many times that it was normal for me to have five different sizes of clothes hanging in my closet. 


Four years ago I found Priority Fitness and the roller coaster ended. I lost almost 50 pounds and I have had only one (much smaller) size hanging in my closet for the 

past several years. The trainers at Priority Fitness gave me the support and 

guidance that I needed to succeed.  Finally, I felt like I had a team of people who were as invested in my success as I was.  I no longer felt alone.  The best part was that they made fitness enjoyable. For me, this was very important since I have never particularly enjoyed working out.  Now I actually look forward to going to my scheduled sessions and I no longer get bored. Thanks to Priority Fitness I am even exploring new fitness goals that I never would have considered in the past. When I started at Priority I could barely run half a mile.   Last fall they helped me train so I could run a 10k race for a charity and even helped me fundraise. I couldn’t have done it without their support.  I am so grateful for Priority Fitness, they have truly changed my life.

Adam G


If I can be so bold as to claim a mantra for Priority, it's the old "Teach a man to fish" cliché. They're thrilled to help you meet whatever goal you have in the short term, but they also want you to know what you can do to live a healthy life and they do it with care, listening, pushing and, to put it simply, friendship. For me, I've always liked working out and have been a part of practically every fitness chain in New York.


But, what happens to me (and I think happens to a lot of us) is, I get bored. And the reason I get bored (and I'd guess happens to a lot of us as well) is because I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING.


My wife started with Priority well before I did. She was so enthusiastic about the guys that after 8 months I decided
to give it a try and I've never looked back.

Unlike every other personal trainer experience I've had (e.g., the free ones at gyms), the people at Priority are
engaged, chill, fun, and always keep things interesting.  But even more than that, having personal trainers like those at Priority become a means not just to "get fit", but to really upgrade your way of living from inside and out. I'm challenged every single week with what my session entails, but more importantly, I've come to understand what I'm doing and how it's benefiting me, and I'll have these tools for the rest of my life. Bottom line: I have never been stronger and looked better in my life (including my wedding!). Priority Fitness puts the rest to shame and shows you what personal training can and should be about

Eric R


I've trained with Chris and Ben for over 4 years, and have been with them at Priority Fitness since its inception. The changes resulting from exercise and healthy living, inspired by them, have been dramatic

I began as an overweight, under exercised, sluggish middle-aged man, and felt 20 years older than I was. I could barely do 3 minutes of cardio-vascular workouts without feeling like I would pass out. But with Chris and Ben's guidance and encouragement, my endurance steadily mproved until 45 - 60 minute cardio workouts are now the norm. I lost 45 lbs. in the process and have kept the weight off for 4 years!


​Chris and Ben's careful attention to weight training has improved my flexibility, balance and physical strength. Their knowledge and advice on nutrition and healthy eating have allowed me to make necessary and creative changes in my eating habits. The combination of cardio exercise and weight training along with nutritional changes have given
me the durability and stamina to more easily carry out every day and work related tasks. And I can honestly say that I
now feel 20 years younger instead of the reverse.


One of the unique things about Priority Fitness is the personal interest shown by Chris and Ben in my well being. I have never felt like "just another client". Their attention, and lighthearted but disciplined approach to my sessions cause me to look forward to being there rather than dreading just another mundane gym experience.  I am indebted to Chris and Ben for helping me to create this new way of life, and expect to be a Priority Fitness client as long as they (and I) are in existence.

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